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About the Role

We are excited to announce our AI Internship Program, designed to provide aspiring data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts with an opportunity to gain real-world experience in the fields of data science, data analysis, deep learning, and machine learning. This internship program aims to enhance your technical skills, expose you to cutting-edge technologies, and provide you with valuable hands-on experience.


  • Assist in data collection, cleaning, and preprocessing for AI projects

  • Conduct data analysis and generate actionable insights

  • Develop and implement machine learning models

  • Collaborate with the team to solve complex AI-related problems

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in data science and machine learning


  • Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Data Science, or a related field

  • Intermediate knowledge of Python and its data science libraries (NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-learn)

  • Familiarity with deep learning frameworks (TensorFlow, PyTorch) is a plus

  • Basic understanding of statistical concepts and machine learning algorithms

  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills

  • Strong communication and teamwork abilities


  • Gain hands-on experience in data science and machine learning projects

  • Work closely with experienced data scientists and machine learning engineers

  • Learn about real-world applications of AI in various industries

  • Enhance your technical skills and gain proficiency in Python and deep learning frameworks

  • Receive mentorship and guidance from industry professionals

  • Opportunity for potential future employment and networking

About the Company

We are a team of Xperts specializing in modern digital marketing techniques. Through innovative marketing & advertising strategies, it is our mission to help our clients in achieving their business objectives.

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